Real Estate


    Vision statement 

           ** " To be the leader in training  successful
                 individual who can lead and be a change agent
                 for the improvement of self, family, community

                 and society."

    Mission statement 

           ** " Create an equal opportunity by offering FREE 

                  trainings to those who are willing to commit
                  their time and focus

            ** " Enhance a persons understanding of oneself
                 through human psyhcology so he / she will be
                 able to shape and control his / her own destiny."

           ** " Enhance a persons understanding of the 
                 economics of finance so that a pserson can
                 fully  leverage on money, not money leverage on 

           ** " Enhance a persons technical skill set which will
                 be used as stepping stone for his / her journey
  FREEDOM of time and money."

           ** " Enhance a persons leadership and 
                 cummincation skills so he / she can duplicate
                 and contribute to the improvement of people
                 around him / her." 


    Vision statement 

           ** " To be the leader in value creation engineering 

    Mission statement 

           ** " Empower our engineers through knowledge by
                 contineous improvement programs i
n the field 
                 of finance, leadership, goal setting and technical

           ** " Encourage and empower the youth to take 
                 challenges by giving them equal opportunity, no

                 such thing as too young to understand a subject
                 matter or too young to take a challenge


    Vision statement 

          ** " A place to BUSINESS, STUDY and CHILL

     Mission statement 

             ** " Deliver highly value added business related
                   services which will help our patrons in the 
                    performance of their trade at no extra cost

             ** " Create an ambience suited for business
                   meetings and transactions but as cozy and
                   relaxed that will make you feel at home to study
                   and chill out."


     Vision statement 

             ** " To be the leader in value creation real estate
                    property investments

      Mission statement 

             ** " Enhance the lifestyle of our lot owners by
offering bigger lot sizes not to compromise
                   freedom of space and privacy

             ** " To exercise due deligence in its transactions to
                   ensure the security of our lot owners and 
                   our  investment