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MACbay Ca'fe

“ A place to do BUSINESS and a place to CHILL

MACbay is conceptualized to cater to the demands of the new generation professionals, businessmen and students. It considers technology, mobility, ambience, accessability and affordability as its unique competitive advantage.

Our  e-Services 

  * FREE wi-fi Access
      - All MACbay patrons are given unlimited FREE Wi-fi internet

  * FREE use of Laptop or Workstation
      - All MACbay patrons have the privilege to use our laptop or
        workstation, enhancing once mobility because you dont even 
        have to carry along your own laptop.

  * FREE use of 32" LCD TV
      - All MACbay patrons are given limited use of 32" LCD TV for
        meetings and presentations.

  * FREE calls to Singapore
      - All MACbay patrons are given limited FREE calls to Singapore.

  * FREE printing and scanning
      - All MACbay patrons are given limited FREE printing and
        scanning of documents.

Our Ambience 
  * Classy but comfortably @ home
      - Low density, space for our patrons are not compromised for
        comfort and privacy.
      - Indoor and Outdoor seating choice
      - Low cool lighting for those who wants to CHILL
      - Bright warm lighting for those who wants to STUDY
Our Location 
  * We are conviniently located in the CBD area of Cebu. Unit 8/9 
     cor. One Acacia Place and Arch. Bishop Reyes Road.
  * FREE parking space right in front of MACbay Caf'e.

Our Food & Beverage 

        Coffee based beverages
        * Juices & Soft Drinks

        * Western Dish
        * Filipino Dish

Booking Accepted !!! 
  Advance booking of functions:
           * Meetings
           * Presentations
           * Birthday Party / Corporate Party
           * Social Gathering

      Email    :
       Visit Us : MACbay Ca'fe
                     Unit 8/9 One Acacia Place
                     Cor. Acicia Street and Arch. Bishop Reyes Road
                     Cebu City

In the News our Satisfied Patrons !!!   

MACbay Ca'fe is for the whole family. To have FUN or just RELAX with the ones you loved.

Young and bold Entrepreneurs who are starting to build their DREAM business. MACbay Ca'fe is here as your partner in attaining your DREAM.

MACbay Ca'fe is a good hang-out to keep in touch with friends virtual and real. 5 star FREE service offers are unmatched in the market. 

Day and Night MACbay Ca'fe is the destination for those who want to RELAX and WORK at the same time.

Professionals and Students come to MACbay Ca'fe for business and pleasure.

  Be a FAN